Food as a Verb: Write, Move, Meditate, and Music-Make Your Way to Self-Nourishment

UCLArts and Healing, a member of CCIM, presents an event for self-nourishment on Saturday, January 29 ~ 9:00 am – 4:00 pm in Santa Monica. This retreat is aimed at facilitating an internal shift, based in self-understanding, that will lead to a new relationship with food that nourishes us in mind, body, and spirit.   We may stuff, deprive, sweeten, sour, devour or nourish ourselves at any given time. Our relationship to food is often a metaphor for how we live. For more information click here.

Rachel Ballon, PhD, MFT will help us explore the stories we hold about ourselves and our bodies, and how we can rewrite those stories to right our lives.

Eva Nemeth, MPT will show us how to develop a new relationship with our bodies and how to give them the care they deserve so they can serve us dependably in return.

Christiane Wolf, MD, PhD will teach us how mindfulness as a practice in everyday experience helps us to develop a more loving and supportive relationship with ourselves, starting with how we nourish ourselves with food.

Carolyn Braddock, MA, PC will illustrate the ways in which traumatic events manifest in the body and how to regain the voice that we have lost through sound and movement.

Beth Lewis will guide us in the use of music to bring the sense of sacred back to our lives, to honor ourselves and our reason for being.

This is a program for enlightenment, inspiration, and empowerment.  A great way to begin the New Year.

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