UCLArts and Healing Workshops

UCLArts and Healing, a member of the UCLA Collaborative Centers for Integrative Medicine has posted a list of upcoming events for the community.

Sat., Jan. 21  Food as a Verb: Write, Move, Meditate, and Music-Make Your Way to Self Nourishment
with Rachel Ballon, PhD, MFT, Eva Nemeth, MPT, Christiane Wolf, MD, PhD, Carolyn Braddock, MA, and Ping Ho, MA, MPH
This retreat is aimed at facilitating an internal shift, based in self-understanding, that will lead to a new relationship with food that nourishes us in mind, body, and spirit. We may stuff, deprive, sweeten, sour, devour or nourish ourselves at any given time. Our relationship to food is often a metaphor for how we live…This is a program for enlightenment, inspiration, and empowerment.  A great way to begin the New Year.

4 Mondays starting Jan. 23  Writing from the Senses: Quieting the Inner Critic with Nomi Isak
In this workshop, we will visit a variety of techniques — from guided somatic awareness and subtle movement to sensory exploration of a memory — to gently bring our experience out onto the page in our own unique voice…This program is open to writers of all levels. It is well-suited for relative beginners in the writing process or those whose inner critic often drowns out their true inner voice.  This workshop may be taken repeatedly, as new exercises will be introduced.

Sat., Jan. 28  Dream Wisdom: An Exploration through Art with Nancy Weiss, LCSW, BCD
…In this workshop, participants will use the art of collage to give voice to dream images, not with the intention to analyze, but to discover. The process of collage serves as a visual journal that can deepen and animate the essential nature of a dream. In this context, collage work can often give us access to material that initially seemed inaccessible. Making a collage for our dreams also externalizes the insights we have derived, so that we can integrate them into our daily lives…

For more information, visit http://uclartsandhealing.net/events.aspx

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