April – June 2010

Medicine Dance (details)

Medicine Dance workshops are body-based inquiries into well-being. They are an exploration of present moment thoughts, feelings and sensations that are allowed spontaneous expression through the body.

Verbally guided and music accompanied, Medicine Dance focuses on the power of placing attention on physical sensation. Participants will experience their intrinsic creativity, intuition and connection to breath, self, and others.

Instructor, Fred Sugerman, has been a consultant and the interventionist for the past two years on a research project entitled “Mindful Movement Program for Breast Cancer Survivors,” funded by the California Breast Cancer Research Program in collaboration with the City of Hope, and WISE & Healthy Aging.

Simms/Mann UCLA Center for Integrative Oncology: Breast Cancer Treatment 2010: Medical Oncology (details)

Tuesday, April 13

Simms/Mann UCLA Center for Integrative Oncology: Acupressure Workshop for Cancer Patients and Caregivers

Monday, April 19

Traditional Chinese Medicine focuses on cultivating and balancing our “Qi” (life force).  By focusing on breath and stimulating acupoints located on meridian channels that traverse the body like busy freeways, we can focus on strengthening our immune system, reducing stress and anxiety and support the body while quieting the mind. Acupressure can help manage headaches, digestive discomfort, relieve pain, improve fatigue and strengthen the immune system and cultivate blood.   Most importantly, it can help calm your spirit. There is little pressure applied to the body in this system.  By simply resting your hands on specific points on you body, you can perform acupressure treatments on yourself or your loved ones. You will learn helpful acupressure protocols, non invasive massage techniques to stimulate the meridian channels, meditation techniques and receive a notebook of acupressure techniques to take home with you.

“Decoding Ayurveda Fundamental Concepts Point To A More Holistic Biology a New Disease Paradigm?”

Monday, April 19

Prof. Alex Hankey, Dean Academic Studies, New Institute of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine Yelahanka, Bangalore India; Member Editorial Board: eCAM

UCLArts and Healing: Medicine Dance: Inner-Directed Movement for Healing

Tuesday, April 20

Mindful Awareness Research Center: Maps I – Intro to Mindfulness

April 24, May 8

Sustainable Movement: Breaking the Barriers of Self-Limitation (details)

Mondays, April 26, May 24, June 7, 14, 21, 28

We seek stability in everyday life – in mind as well as body. Body stability includes strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, endurance, good reflexes, and more. If all we do with our bodies is try to survive gravity, then we tire easily. And the less we move, the more limited we become. It’s important for body parts to know how to act as partners, not as strangers. When one body part is moving, its counterpart should support the movement in a counterbalanced way, not in a counterproductive way. When the body works in synchronicity 24/7, healthy habits are established. Ms. Nemeth’s movement sequences – integrating principles from dance, rhythmic gymnastics, and physical therapy – are designed to move the body in a variety of directions while sustaining the muscles that need to support the movement; consequently, the movements are challenging yet safe. And all the elements that lead to body stability can be addressed in a single exercise. Moving the body the right way can change our entire being. Each mindful step that we take brings us into rhythm and harmony not only with our own body, but also with other beings, living things, and inanimate objects. Practiced consciously, we not only take charge of our own body, but also of the life we live.

“How Does The Flavonoid Quercetin (Qu) Found in Foods Affect Cancer Cells?”

Monday, April 26

Prof. Andrea Cossarizza (Professor of Immunology; University of Modena and Reggio Emilia Italy; Member Editorial Board: eCAM)

“Inflamm-aging, Curcumin and Anti-Aging Strategies”

Prof. Claudio Franceschi (Director, Integrated Studies: Biophysics, Bioinformatics; Biocomplexity, University of Bologna, Italy; Member Editorial Board: eCAM)

Yoga: It’s More than You Think (details)

May 3, 6

Everyday Intuition (details)

May 10

Attuning to Needs: Nonverbal Communication for Caregivers (details)

May 12

Music for the Soul I (details)

May 16

Music for the Soul II (details)

May 23

Introduction to East-West Medicine (details)

June 22

UCLA course no. Med 180). In this course, distinguished guest speakers will give lectures, demonstrations, or participate as panelists. Several speakers were presenters at the Integrative Medicine Conference at UCLA a few months ago.

UCLArts and Healing: Social and Emotional Skill Building Delivered in a Framework of Drumming – A Training Program for Working with Children

June 27

The sustainable and evidence-based Beat the Odds  Program integrates activities from contemporary drum circles and group counseling to teach skills such as focusing and listening, team building, leadership, expressing feelings, managing anger/stress, empathy and gratitude. The program serves a whole classroom at a time and is designed for delivery by school personnel or individuals without musical experience.  It is inclusive, culturally relevant, and does not bear the stigma of therapy.

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