Center for Excellence in Pancreatic Diseases

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The UCLA Center for Excellence in Pancreatic Diseases constitutes a highly collaborative, multidisciplinary, and multi-institutional research program designed to make a significant impact on the investigation of complimentary and alternative medicine in the prevention and therapy of pancreatic diseases. Biological mechanisms of action of botanicals and dietary supplements on pancreatic diseases and characterization of metabolic phenotypes in response to specific phytonutrients can form the rationale for biologically-based practices in the prevention and treatment of pancreatic diseases. Our Center includes expertise from the UCLA campus, LA BioMed Research Institute at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, and VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System-West Los Angeles (VAGLAHS-WLA). The Center is led by experienced pancreatic disease researchers who have organized investigative teams to develop highly interactive and synergistic research programs. The UCLA Center for Excellence is designed for maximum integration and synergy of research of key investigators who have been collaborating over the years so that the Center can be focused on the most promising investigations with the greatest translational potential.

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