Evidence Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine

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eCAM is an international rigorously peer-reviewed journal devoted to the advancement of science in the field of basic research, clinical studies, methodology or scientific theory. It will include the following areas in Biomedical Sciences: Phytotherapy (Herbal Medicine); Ayurvedic-Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM); KAMPO-Medicine, TAIM (Traditional Arabic and Islamic Medicine); Homeopathy; Acupuncture/Acupressure, Hydrotherapy (Balneology) and Relevant Animal Molecules (RAMS) and Neuroimmune Mechanisms (NIMS).

Only papers that are of highest scientific quality concisely written and comply with the Guidelines for Authors will be accepted. Manuscripts involving volunteers and patients must include a statement that the trial protocol has been approved by an ethical committee and thus meets the standards of the Declaration of Helsinki. The journal welcomes studies on herbal and animal products, identification of the active ingredients, their mechanisms of action, combinatorial studies, and quality control and quality assurance. These will follow the ICH (International Conference on Harmonization of Technical Requirements for Registration of Pharmaceuticals for human use) guidelines, preclinical evaluations encompassing, animal models, in vitro studies, toxicity and safety evaluations, dosimetry, efficacy assessments, clinical investigations. These will include retrospective and prospective studies with matched controls, placebos, randomized trial, comparisons with existing protocols and pharmaceuticals for treatment, and different phases of the clinical trials. Contributions will be reviewed in one of the following categories: Original Articles, Reviews, Editorials, Commentaries, and a Lecture Series.

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