January – March 2008

Body Talk through Art: A Studio Workshop (details)

Feburary 2, 2008; Feburary 9 2008 (10am-1pm)

This workshop explores the body and makes meaning of it through art. Art gives us a metaphorical language for telling the body’s story. The therapeutic value of the experience will be enhanced by its focus on the self that emerges in the process of art-making and opportunities for sharing. The symbolic creations and associated insights will encourage mindfulness in making life choices for well-being. A wide range of art materials will be available for the creative process.

The Science of CAIM: What’s Next for Complementary, Alternative and Integrative Medical Research?

Jauuary 28, 2008

While many CAIM investigators look into the alternative therapies used by millions of Americans with conventional research tools, critics continue to voice objections to such efforts arguing that, at bottom, CAIM is unscientific. At the same time, some CAIM researchers claim that the novel designs and methodologies they have introduced could revolutionize medical science. In an era of reduced funding, during which many urgent research questions remain unanswered, how should alternative therapies be studied? The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and the UCLA Center for East West Medicine presented a colloquium on future directions for CAIM research.

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